Has actress Rekha lesbain relationship with this woman for 32 years

Whatever we call it fate or destiny even after marrying more than one-time Rekha remained alone all her life. As an epitome of glamour, she has lived a life in Bollywood which is full of controversies, link-ups, successes and failures too. But one relationship which has made her an enigma shrouded in mystery is her relationship with her manager Farzana and guess what as her name suggests she is a lady? So Rekha is a lesbian?
Her manager’s name is Farzana, wherever Rekha goes she always sticks to her. Famous journalist Mohandeep has unfolded many secrets of Rekha’s life in his book ‘Eurekha’. His book revealed many shocking things related to her relationship with Amitabh Bachchan and Vinod Mehra. He also mentioned about the physical assault that her ex-husband Mukesh Agrawal used to do on her.
But let’s talk about Farzana, who is she?
Years ago, Farzana was Rekha’s hairstylist. However, now Rekha calls her soul sister. She is now her manager and one of the very few people who know everything about Rekha. Interestingly, if facts are to be believed, Rekha is very particular about her bedroom. She does not let just anyone enter or have a look at her bedroom. But Farzana who has been with Rekha for almost three decades now is allowed to come everywhere.
Farzana dresses like a man. She mostly wears white and black colored men’s wear. Be it an award function, a vacation or just about anywhere, Farzana goes with Rekha everywhere.
But opposite to what Rekha calls Farzana, Mohandeep has claimed in his book about the sexual relationship between these two. This may sound extremely shocking but he even claimed that Farzana is the reason behind the suicide of Rekha’s husband Mukesh Agrawal. They are live-in lesbian partners as claimed by the book.
Malavika Sanghvi a famous journalist said that,
“Farzana is perfect for Rekha. She is her consultant, her friend and supporter and Rekha simply can’t live without her.”
Some even say that Farzana plays the role of a man in Rekha’s life.