UP: ‘Allah’ is written on fish in Shamli, cost 5 lakh rupees

Shamli: A fish has become a center of attraction in Kairana in Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh and a large number of people are reaching to see it. Alam is that people are also willing to pay 5 lakh rupees for this fish. Actually, ‘Allah’ is written on the stomach of this fish and this is why this wonderful fish has become a topic of discussion.
Shabab Ahmad, a fish farmer in Kairana, is rearing it in his aquarium. He told that he had brought this fish about 8 months ago. As the fish is getting bigger in the aquarium, ‘Allah’ is written in yellow color on its stomach. Shadab told that ever since this fish has come to his house, his family has grown a lot.
Shabab told that now this fish has started being spoken in millions. He said, ‘Haji Rashid Khan of Shamli has put a price of 5 lakh rupees for this fish. However, I am still waiting for more price to be imposed. Shahabas live in the mohalla Alakala of Kairana and crowds of people are gathering to see this unique fish. People from far and wide are coming to see it.
Shabab Ahmed has also kept 10 other fish in the aquarium along with this fish. Other fish are much smaller than this unique fish. He said that the fish written by Allah is the miracle of nature. We will sell it only when we get a better rate.