Mohammed Rafi’s house in danger, son fighting legal battle to save it

The family of singer Mohammad Rafi Sahab, who won millions of hearts with his beautiful voice, is going through a difficult period. Mohammad Rafi’s son Shahid Rafi is currently fighting a legal battle to save his ancestral home. The bank claimed to have occupied the fifth floor of his house due to non-refund of the amount.
According to the news of English website Mumbai Mirror, HDFC Bank has filed a petition in the court seeking possession of the fifth floor of the building of Rafi Sahab, the house of Rafi Sahab. The bank has claimed in court that Mohammad Rafi’s son Shahid had signed a deal to sell the flat with a company called Nimbus Industries. For which the company took a loan of Rs 4.16 crore to buy the flat.
Now that the Nimbus Industries Company has not been able to return the money, the bank has filed a claim on the property in the court, due to which Mohammad Rafi Sahab’s house is in trouble. At the same time, Shahid’s son, Shahid’s son, has said that the arguments of the bank are wrong. Shahid says that he had not only sold the property but also made a settlement for some time. He said that the price of the flat is Rs 5 crore and he did not want to sell the property to Nimbus but wanted to give the agreement in 2017 due to the need of some rupees.
Shahid further told that the Nimbus Industries Company had not given as much money as they had asked to give, due to which this agreement was broken. At the same time, when Shahid asked the court for help in this matter, the court refused to give any help at the moment, saying that the agreement has been canceled. It is clear from this that the agreement was reached. However, the debt recovery tribunal has granted him a stay.
Mohammad Rafi Sahab built this house in 1970. Shahid said that he has many memories associated with this house. On the other hand, HDFC Bank claims that they got only Rs 1.95 crore in the agreement with Nimbus, while the agreement mentions Rs 3.16 crore. The bank said that the director of Nimbus asked them not to deposit any check.