MP Govt’s bonanza before Deepawali…..lakhs of power consumers get less than Rs 100 bill for first time in state’s history

Bhopal, October 13, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): For the first time in the state, the faces of consumers paying more bills using less electricity have blossomed before Diwali. The benefits of Indira Grihajyoti Yojana have started getting paid. The bills that consumers are getting in October are being given under this scheme. The bills of consumers burning electricity up to 100 units are coming according to the spent units.
 Earlier whenever a plan came from the government, it used to come for a particular category. Due to this, ordinary people were deprived of it even while keeping eligibility. The benefits of the electricity bill waiver scheme are being extended to the employees of the state including those who do not come in BPL. Consumers are surprised to see the bills which are being given to consumers in the month of October.
After the software update, the energy department has now implemented a similar slab for all domestic consumers. After this, all such consumers will get a discount on 100 units, whose monthly consumption will be up to 150 units (5 units per day). Consumers whose consumption will be only 100 units, they will have to pay only 100 rupees. And those who will be less than 100 units, their bill has come less than 100 rupees.
Earlier, consumers whose consumption was 100 units had to pay 634 rupees. Now they have to pay 100 rupees only. They are getting a subsidy of Rs 534. If consumption is up to 150 units, now Rs 384 will have to be paid, whereas in September, such consumers had to pay Rs 918. An additional rebate of Rs 20 per bill will be available in rural areas. Consumers whose monthly consumption will be more than 150 units will not get any discount.
384 rupees bill for 150 units
If any one consumes 150 units of electricity bill in his house, then he has to pay a bill of Rs 384 a month. If one unit goes up, then that bill will be Rs 950 by 200 units. After this, consumers will have to submit the bill according to the old tariff if there is more unit cost. Indira Gruh Jyoti Yojana covers all consumers, but the benefit will be available only after consuming up to 150 units. If one unit consumes more than this, then the computer will exclude the consumer from the scheme. At the same time, electricity bills of 100 rupees will have to be deposited up to 100 units.
One unit per hour spent on 1000 Watt power equipment
125 watt freeze, 60 watt fan will not work in winter. Consumption of water will also be less, this will reduce the water pump of half horsepower (375 watts). At present, two units of electricity is consumed for running one and a half ton AC, it will also remain closed in winter. This is bound to reduce the bill. In this way, running a device with a load of one thousand watts will cost one unit of electricity.