Bhopal’s Syed Asif first Indian to participate in the Scooter Riding Championship in Italy

Bhopal. Bhopal player Syed Asif has created history by becoming the first Indian to participate in the Scooter Riding Championship to be held in Italy on 19 October. 36 people from 10 different countries have been selected to participate in this world class competition. Asif is the only Indian in it.
The office said “I started riding a bicycle and was fond of running fast since childhood. In 1996 my father got me a bike and I competed in the competition and came first. So far, I have traveled all over the country from 200 Has won more contests. It includes seven National Awards.
‘Government should support youth’
Asif, who is going to the Scooter Riding Championship in Italy, said that the government is not encouraging scooter riding like other sports are being done. Asif said, “The total cost to participate in the competition in Italy is 4 lakh rupees. When I went to the sports department, they gave me only 50 thousand rupees. The government should support the youth who are interested in the sport. needed.”
Hands and legs also broken in two accidents
Asif suffered a bike accident in 1996. In which the bike fractured in his hand, a rod was inserted in his left hand. He lost to National Riding India in 2000, but Asif maintained his determination and determination to win. Later in the year, once again he broke his leg in an accident. For this reason they were in bed for a year.
‘Father sold bike, but I didn’t give up’
He said, “After the accident, my father sold the bike so that I could stop riding the bike but my passion for bike riding could not stop me and I continued to ride the bike. After some time I participated in the state level bike riding competition and Came first. “
Everyone is happy with their hard work: wife Shayan
Asif’s wife Shayan Shahid said that all the members of the family are very happy as their hard work has paid off. He has made the country proud. He said, “Asif will win hard work and perseverance. I am fortunate for Asif, because there was not a single accident with him after our marriage. The government should also encourage bike riding like other sports, only then Asif As the rider will be able to move forward. “