1000 MW Ultra Mega Floating Solar Plant to be set up at Indira Sagar Dam

Bhopal, October 16, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): The state government has taken the initiative to develop a 1000 megawatt ultra mega floating solar project in the first phase on Indira Sagar dam. The establishment of the project will benefit the state in many ways, in which the reservoir will be used as an alternative to the land. Its installation will lead to more generation of cheaper electricity and reduction in evaporation will promote water conservation. The water quality will increase. This way the project will be unique in its own way.
It is noteworthy that the Indira Sagar reservoir of Madhya Pradesh has the distinction of being the largest water body in Asia. The minimum area of ​​the water body in this reservoir is 26 thousand 710 hectares, which can accommodate 13 thousand MW solar project. In view of this, this project will be developed here.
One-fourth of the state’s electricity consumption is of renewable energy. Madhya Pradesh has succeeded in establishing its own identity in the renewable energy sector by generating about five thousand megawatts of electricity. The government is paying special attention to the generation of power from renewable sources available in abundance in Madhya Pradesh, which is rich in natural resources. As of September-2019, 2071 MW is being produced from solar power, 2444 MW from wind power, 117 MW from biomass power and 96 MW from small hydro power is being produced.
New solar parks in three districts
Solar parks are being set up in various districts with a view to further developing renewable energy. In this, a 750 MW capacity ultra mega solar power plant has been set up in Gurh tehsil of Rewa district. Out of the power generated from this project, 24 percent power is being provided to Delhi Metro. Historical rates of Rs. 2.97 per unit power tariff have been received for this project, which will help the state save approximately Rs. 1600 crores and Delhi Metro Rs. 790 crores. From the point of view of environmental protection, this project will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 5.14 lakh tonnes per year. A 250 MW solar park has been established on 685 hectare land in Mandsaur district. The establishment of solar park of 1500 MW in three districts is in its last phase. Under this, the procedure of setting up solar parks of 500 MW (969 hectare revenue land) in Neemuch district, 550 MW (1404 hectare revenue land) in Aagar and 450 MW (1066) hectare revenue land) in Shajapur district is under consideration. M.P.P.M.C. and Indian Railways are committed to purchase cheap solar power produced in the state.

Similarly, solar park of 1000 MW is proposed to be set up in Sagar district, 800 MW in Chhatarpur district under the Ultra Mega Renewable Power Project-1 and 800 MW solar park in Morena district and 1000 MW solar park in Indira Sagar Dam under Project-2.