Fed up with harassment of senior officers and colleagues, BHEL female officer commits suicide

Hyderabad / Bhopal. Neha Chaukse, a resident of Bhopal, who works as a deputy officer (accounts) at BHAEL in Hyderabad, committed suicide on Thursday after being harassed by peers. In the suicide note, Neha mentions BHEL’s DGM rank officer and his associates being hacked, tortured, tortured and abeted to suicide. Before the suicide, Neha had also complained about the antics of colleagues at different places. Telangana police had also filed a complaint of phone hacking.
DGM tortured
Neha wrote in one of her letters that she took a transfer from Bhopal BeachAEL to Hyderabad BHEL to live with her husband. Arthur Kishore Kumar, DGM Finance, who works at Hyderabad BHEL, tortured him in the last two months. Arthur also hacked Neha’s phone. In addition to Arthur Kishore Kumar, Neha has also named Mohanlal Soni, Tirathwanti Sven, Sitaram Pentakota and Mahesh Kumar in this letter. These people used to make obscene remarks on Neha. According to Neha’s letter, Arthur had conspired to kill her.
Neha also accused Bhopal BHEL personnel of harassment in suicide note
Neha has alleged in her suicide note that Neelima, Ruchita, Kalpana, Swati and Neha, who worked in the Bhopal BHEL’s finance department, also mentally tortured her. After being transferred to Hyderabad, these people tried to discredit there too. Neha wrote in the letter that Arthur had also hacked the phones of her husband and other family members.