Magnificent MP / Indore to get 4 projects worth 687 crores; 2000 crore investment path will also be opened

Indore/Bhopal, October 17, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): . Chief Minister Kamal Nath, who is coming to Indore for Magnificent MP program, will hand over four projects worth 687 crores to the city. This includes the Smart Industrial Park at Pithampur as well as the IT Park at Simhasa and the water system and command-control center for supply of Narmada to Pithampur and adjoining industrial areas. He will also perform Bhoomipujan of Inter State Bus Terminal System (ISBT), which will be ready in 21 months. All these will be inaugurated and Bhoomipujan.
CM will discuss with Pithampur Industrial Organization from 5 pm on Thursday evening. After this meeting he will discuss investments with officials of Impetus Technology USA, Symbiotic Group, Mahindra Agriculture and Inox Air, Star Group. It is expected that in these meetings only an investment of more than two thousand crores is expected. CM will attend CII’s dinner on Thursday night at eight o’clock. They will inaugurate the summit on Friday morning and also hold a one-to-one meeting throughout the day.
Chief Minister will inaugurate e-land for ISBT
Integrated Water Supply System: This system has been created by MPIDC to transport this water from Narmada-Shipra link to Pithampur and adjoining industrial area. This will not cause water problems in the industrial sector for at least 30 years. This project record has been completed in just two years at a cost of 220 crores.
Sinhasa IT Park: This park is built on 107 acres at a cost of 116 crores. 12 IT companies have been allotted space here. IT buildings have been built here in one lakh square feet area. There will be electricity and other facilities around the clock. Thousands of employees will get employment here on completion.
Control Command Center: This center is made in AICTSL. Its cost is 51 crores. The center will be able to monitor all the work being done by the Municipal Corporation. Also, information system will be active for traffic conditions, work done during the time of any disaster, etc.
Smart Industrial Park: This park is built on 478 hectares at a cost of 300 crores. Land has been allocated to 25 industries here. A total of 60 companies will come here and an investment of ten thousand crores, which will provide employment to 15 thousand people. It has been created by MPIDC. There is also land for schools, colleges, hospitals, parking etc.
ISBT to be Bhoomi Pujan: In ISBT-IDA Scheme 129-169A, this inter-state bus terminal will be built on eight and a half hectare land at a cost of 60 crores in 21 months. From here, 1440 buses will ply every day. There will be 32 buses parked here. It will be modern and all kinds