Muslim ‘chaiwalla’ spends Rs 20 thousand p/m on education of 40 Hindu students in Kanpur

Kanpur. Mohammad Mehboob Malik, 29, who lives in Sharda Nagar, did not complete his studies due to financial constraints. 10th pass Malik is now selling tea and taking the burden of education of children of 40 such families, who are not able to send children to school due to disturbance. Malik has a small tea shop on the footpath of Sharda Nagar intersection, which spends 80% of his income on the education of these children.
Malik said in a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar APP, I am the youngest of five brothers. Childhood was spent in extreme poverty. The family was large and the father was the only one to earn. Due to lack of resources, she could barely study till high school. When I saw a child at the age of reading begging or begging, the mind was disturbed. He used to see his childhood in it.
Friend’s opinion got recognition
Mohammed Malik said, “In 2017, through his own deposits, he opened a coaching center for destitute children. The center was opened in Malda Basti near Sharda Nagar, Gurudev Talkies and Kanshiram Colony in Chakeri, where children were taught free of cost. “When this work was revealed to Malik’s friend Nilesh Kumar, he encouraged him. Nilesh suggested to form an NGO and operate the center. An NGO has been formed under the name ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam Foundation’ and through this, 40 children are being given free education from the center.
About 20 thousand rupees every month. The expense of
Malik explains that children’s books, uniforms, stationery, shoes-socks, bags are bought and given once. The school is running in a rented building, which has a rent of about 10 thousand rupees every month. There are three teachers, they do not take money. Teacher Mansi Shukla has done B.Ed. and is preparing for Tate. The other teacher is Pankaj Goswami, who is a medical representative. After teaching the children go to their work. Third teacher Akanksha Pandey is doing B.Ed.
Tea for free on the day of initiation
Malik’s tea shop is between Coaching and Mandi. Students preparing for IIT, CPMT, Engineering are around. Students have free tea when there is a competitive exam. Malik says that I have also put a slogan at my shop – “Whenever mother misses you, when you are not, then Malik Bhai’s tea comes in handy”. He further states that in the beginning People made fun of him, but never cared for what he said. What I like does not back down from working.

Everyone reads tea
Malik is influenced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He says that the Prime Minister does a good job because he too sold tea as a child. The tea person reads everyone’s mind. When a customer comes, we see him and understand when he is happy and when he is sad. He is stressed about what A tea-taker knows everything from the heart. Our Prime Minister has realized those things, so he knows who needs what when.