Two killed as house collapse during making of illegal crackers in Guna city of MP

Guna: The explosion occurred at around 12 noon on Friday while making an illegal cracker in a house in Guna. The roof of the house blew up in this blast and two women and a man, including an innocent child, were badly injured. In this, both were referred to Bhopal in critical condition, who died on the way.
According to the information received, the house in which the firecrackers have exploded was taken on rent by Ramadan Khan (Ramju) and was making illegal crackers in view of Diwali. The house exploded with a loud bang at around 12 noon. The roof of the house blew up and the bricks were strewn 20–30 meters away. The house collapsed completely with the explosion. A man and two women and an innocent child were injured in this. In it, a woman Rukhshar and the youth Sameer (19) were killed. He has been referred to Bhopal.
The house is 100 meters from the police station
It is being told that the house where the firecracker was being made is about 100 meters from the lam station. Crackers were being made illegally there. The two women injured are Rukhsar, Zarina and Innocent Zarina. It is being said that only Ramadan Khan’s family. It is being told that a few days ago, the collector of Guna Bhaskar Lakshkar had also inspected the site regarding the cracker manufacture but no disturbances were found here.
Fire brigade could not reach the spot
People told that after the fire, the fire brigade was informed, but the fire brigade did not reach the spot. Due to the narrow street in the residential area, people had to struggle to get out. People said that someone extinguished the fire and someone extinguished the fire with water kept in household utensils.