Sarfaraz sacked as Pak captain due to India connection, alleges Indian uncle in Etawah (UP)

Etawah Sarfraz Ahmed ‘s maternal uncle Mehboob Hasan, who resides in Etawah, is deeply hurt by the decision to remove from Pakistan as the captain of the Test and T20 cricket teams. On Friday, the Pakistan Cricket Board decided to remove Sarfaraz from the captaincy of both formats of the cricket. In his place Azhar Ali was given the test and Babar Azam was given the command of T20.
Sarfaraz’s maternal uncle accused the Pakistan Cricket Board of being discriminatory. He said, “The situation in Pakistan is not good. Indian Muslims have been given the status of idiots there.”
Sarfaraz has also not been included in the squad for the upcoming Test and T20 series with Australia. Mehboob said, “He got the information from the media.”
The former Pakistani captain is the son of Mehboob’s elder sister Akila Bano. Sarfaraz’s father Shakeel Ahmed is originally from Kabre village in Khaga tehsil of Fatehpur district. Sarfaraz’s father moved to Karachi in 1957.
Mehboob himself hails from Dilarganj in Kunda tehsil of Pratapgarh district. He says that on October 17, he had a conversation with Sarfaraz on mobile and asked everyone about his well being. He had told that a league is also happening in Pakistan on the lines of IPL. One has to go to cities like Quetta and Lahore to play in it.
Sarfaraz Ahmed’s card will also be cut from Pakistani team, this veteran has guaranteed!
Sarfaraz Ahmed’s card will also be cut from Pakistani team, this veteran has guaranteed!
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Mehboob, who met in Mohali in 2016, says that Sarfaraz first came to Gwalior in 2007. At that time Kamran Akmal was sent to India by special plane due to injury. In 2016, he came to play one-day matches in Mohali under the captaincy of Shahid Afridi. He met Sarfaraz there. He took Etawah’s famous Sonpapadi for him.
In 2015, he along with wife Samar Fatima, daughter Arshala Siddiqui and son Salman Hassan went to Pakistan to attend Sarfaraz’s marriage. Sarfaraz came to his residence in Etawah in 1997 and 2001. He was not selected in the Pakistan team then.
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