Hundreds of cows become carnivores in Goa, being treated to become herbivores again

Panaji: Goa’s Waste Management Minister Michael Lobo has said that stray milch animals from coastal areas of the state have become carnivores. These cattle only eat leftover pieces of chicken and fried fish. The case of cattle being carnivorous has been reported on the tourist spot Kalangut and Kandolim Beach in the state. Lobo said that these cattle do not eat grass, as they have got used to eating non-veg food.
Lobo said, “We knew that milch animals are herbivorous, but the poultry animals have turned into carnivores. 76 such cattle from the cairns have been brought to the cowshed for treatment. They are being treated through medicines. ”
Changing habits by eating meat thrown in the garbage
Lobo said, “Cattle and Candolim cattle have gotten used to eating leftover pieces of chicken and fried fish thrown from local food stalls. By eating non-vegetarian food, their system has become like a human. At first he was vegetarian, pure vegetarian. But now they only eat non-vegetarian food. A veterinarian has been hired to treat these animals. It will take 4 to 5 days for the cattle to return to vegetarian. ”
Kalangut and Kendolim beach are very popular among tourists and there is a crowd of domestic and foreign tourists. There are a large number of food stalls and restaurants in these places. The number of cattle in both places is also the highest. These cattle have become accustomed to eating non-vegetarian food from dumped waste.