Indore’s 5-storey Golden Gate Hotel completely gutted in fire, 5 hospitalised

Indore. A fire broke out at the Golden Gate Hotel in Vijayanagar here on Monday morning. The five-story hotel was completely gutted by the time the fire-fighters could overcome the situation. The fire brigade team resuscitated the trapped employees in the hotel and took them out. Five people have been admitted to the hospital when their health deteriorated. A young man was jumping from the roof to save his life, who was saved by explaining.
According to police, the initial investigation revealed a fire from a short circuit. Most of the hotel was made of wood, so the fire spread rapidly. After information eight fire engines were sent to the spot. After about an hour, the fire in the next part of the hotel could be controlled. Loss of crores of rupees is estimated from the fire.
Firemen enter inside after breaking glass: police
Na in-charge Tehzeeb Qazi told that the hotel manager had told about the stay of 7 to 8 people here. Firemen entered the room with the help of stairs and broke the glass. Rescue was having trouble due to excessive smoke. For this reason a ladder was placed inside the hotel and a long sheeting cloth was thrown. People got out after catching it.