2.54% less votes polled in Jhabua by-election than last Lok Sabha elections

Indore / Jhabua. On Monday, people voted overwhelmingly in the Jhabua Assembly by-election. However, this figure was almost two and a half percent less than the 64.55% votes cast in the assembly elections in November 2018. This time 62.01% voters reached the booth to exercise their franchise. Earlier in 2013, 56.70% voting was done. The main contest here is between Kantilal Bhuria of Congress and Bhanu Bhuria of BJP. The results on October 24 are very important for both the brokers.
There was a long line of voting.
Voters exercised their franchise from 7 am to 5 pm for the assembly by-election Monday. Even after the by-election, there was a lot of enthusiasm among the voters. After a slow start in the morning, the vote percentage increased strongly as the day progressed. By 9 am, 15 per cent of the votes were cast, which reached around 25 per cent by 11 o’clock. The figure reached 46 percent at 1 o’clock, surpassing 50 at 3 o’clock, reaching 56 percent. The final figures arrived around 6:30 pm, but were not predictable. These halted two and a half percent before the previous voting crossed 64.55%.
More than 2 lakh 77 thousand voters
In Jhabua Assembly, 356 booths were built this time to cast more than 2 lakh 77 thousand voters. Of these 34 centers were in Alirajpur district. While the duty of two thousand employees was given for voting, the security was handled by 1500 security personnel.