MP High ourt reprimands govt for changing SIT chief repeatedly in Honeytrap case

C Indore. The Madhya Pradesh High Court’s Indore bench has reprimanded the government for repeatedly changing the head of the SIT set up to investigate the honey trap. The progress report of the Honey Trap case was also not presented by the state government during the hearing on the PIL on Monday. The court was also angry on this. The next hearing of the case will be on 2 December.
The head of the SIT set up for the investigation of Honey Trap was heard on Monday on public interest petitions seeking demands to change again and hand over the case to the CBI. The state government could not present the answer in the court, what was the reason for changing SIT chief. On this, the court expressed displeasure and instructed the SIT chief to present the reason for changing the case and the progress report of the investigation till the next hearing.
Evidence to be sent to Hyderabad for investigation
In the investigation of the case, the SIT seized a lot of items including CDs, mobiles, pen drives from the accused women. The police have got them investigated in their own lab. It was considered inappropriate by the court and directed to send all the seized electronic evidence to the lab in Hyderabad for examination.
There is a change in SIT
When the government first formed SIT, its head was made by IPS D. Srinivas Verma, but he himself left this post. Subsequently, the DGP appointed senior IPS Sanjeev Shami for monitoring. After his removal, Rajendra Kumar, who was included in the state’s senior senior IPS, was given the responsibility.
This is the honeytrap case
Following the complaint of Indore Municipal Corporation engineer Harbhajan Singh demanding Rs 3 crore, the Bhopal and Indore police took action and arrested five blackmailing women Shweta Swapnil Jain, Shweta Vijay Jain, Aarti Dayal, Barkha Soni and Monika Yadav. These women blackmailed officers and politicians by making videos of them. In this high profile case, a former Chief Minister, former Governor, former MP, BJP and Congress leaders and bureaucrats are being implicated. However, so far no name has been revealed in this case.