Scindia flays Kamal Nath govt over giving bail to accused of adulteration

Gwalior Former Union Minister and Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia once again targeted the Kamal Nath government of MP. This time he made adulteration an issue. Scindia said that raids are conducted to prevent adulteration, but the culprits are released after this. While it should be that where there is a raid, strict action should be taken against the culprits. Even they should be sent to jail. On Monday, he was speaking at the Bhoomipujan program of Food Testing Lab in Gwalior.
Jyotiraditya is constantly making statements against his own government. He said, “The government is not taking strict action against adulterants, they are being released. Scindia pointed to Health Minister Tulsi Silavat and said that no adulterator should be left without your order to bring the system back on track.” “
‘I hear many stories in the state’
Scindia said, “I have been hearing many stories in the state. There is a raid to stop adulteration, but after raiding, adulterants are released. He exhorted the Health Minister Tulsi Silavat that the Minister requested you Strict action should be taken on adulteration. Adulterants should be taken to jail bars. You should sit in Bhopal and monitor. No one should be spared. Your orders Sector should not be the case closed without. “
Must be now, war for the pure
Scindia said – Health Minister Tulsi slogan sounds about tilak, when there is tilak, it will not be adulterated. But with this slogan, now the new slogan should be war for the pure. Tulsi Silvat Pradesh’s deteriorated system will have to be brought back on track. You have to be such an example that nobody else can even imagine and dream of adulteration.
BJP made a difference
The BJP took a dig at Scindia’s statement that there was no action on adulteration. BJP state spokesperson Lokendra Parashar said Scindia’s condition has become like “Hey Diwans … recognize me … I am who”. Scindia is not getting attention in the Congress. After losing the election, they are trying to find existence