businessman shot and looted Rs 4.5 lakh at Gwalior in broad daylight

Gwalior In Gwalior’s busiest city, in the city center, a man was shot in broad daylight and looted Rs 4.5 lakh from him and escaped. The incident took place on Wednesday morning in the main branch premises of the State Bank of India, located in the city center, when a gas agency bag carrying a bag full of money and entered into the bank premises was shot in the back by miscreants. University police is investigating the case.
According to the information received, on Wednesday morning, Munim Vasudev Sharma of Pitambara Gas Agency arrived to deposit Rs 4.5 lakh in cash with the State Bank. The crooks following him entered the bank after him and shot him in the back. Once the bullet was fired, the accountant sang on the ground. After this, the crooks escaped by snatching a bag full of money from his hand. The injured accountant has been admitted to the trauma center of Jiwaji Medical Hospital. Where his condition is said to be critical.
The city center, where the incident took place, is the busiest area in Gwalior. The main branch of the State Bank is here. It was here that miscreants committed the crime. Guards were also present inside the bank at the time of the incident, but he escaped by looting the cash and shooting the crook accountant until he understood something.