Girl in MP asked for euthanasia, collector makes her change decision by telling the story of his becoming an IAS

Chhatarpur. Desperate for not being selected for the post of Anganwadi worker, the girl demanded euthanasia from the collector in public hearing. She also applied to the collector for this and wept crying in the Collectorate premises. Collector Mohit Bundas left all work and met the young woman for one hour. He told stories of his and friends’ struggles, then went to convince the young woman change her decision.
The collector explained to him that – Suicide is not the way to solve any problem. He set many examples in front of the young woman and told inspiring stories. Only then did the young woman obey and return.
Jangar resident tribal girl Keshkala applied for Anganwadi worker, but she could not be selected. Troubled by this, she arrived at Jansunwai on Tuesday. He told the collector that he had applied to become an Anganwadi worker, but was not selected. The reason for this is corruption, unqualified people were selected, but it was not. She started crying while saying this.
Collector narrated the story of becoming an IAS
Collector Mohit Bundas narrated his experience to Keshkala. He said that his father had passed away in childhood. After this, his mother raised all our brothers and sisters with great difficulties. His struggle made me an IAS. If my mother thinks that I do not have a husband, how do I raise children? If mother had given up, would I have been IAS today? He struggled and was rewarded.