MLA and Digvijaya’s brother Laxman meets Shivraj at Bhopal, speculations rife

Bhopal, October 24, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Former legislator Digvijay Singh’s brother and Congress MLA Laxman Singh met former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan at his residence on Wednesday morning. The political speculation began after the two leaders met in a closed room. Laxman Singh, who came out after meeting at Shivraj Singh’s residence, told the media – it was only a courtesy call, what can not be found. He also raised the slogan of Jai of Congress Party.
Shivraj also called a meeting with Laxman Singh as a courtesy call. He said that we have been together in the Parliament, together in the Legislative Assembly. There is nothing else. Digvijay Singh’s brother’s meeting with Shivraj Singh is also a matter of discussion because Laxman Singh has previously been a BJP MP. Recently, he also questioned the Congress government of the state.
Staged at Digvijay’s residence
On Tuesday, MLA Laxman Singh had staged a sit-in with his supporters at the residence of his elder brother Digvijay Singh in Bhopal and demanded Chachauda to be made a district. To end Digvijay Singh’s persuasion, he ended the sit-in with supporters.
Questions have been raised on the government earlier also
Laxman Singh also questioned the debt waiver of farmers in Madhya Pradesh. He had said that Rahul Gandhi made haste to announce the debt waiver within 10 days. Even after the defeat in the Lok Sabha elections, he had said that all the activists of the Congress Party, brothers and sisters, should not be disappointed, when a man can be reborn, his party will also revive, just the need to give the right person the work of the organization.