Sidhi BJP MLA demands state party chief’s resignation after Jhabua defeat

Bhopal, October 25, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): political rift has increased after the results of Jhabua assembly by-election in BJP. Senior MLA from Sidhi seat Kedarnath Shukla commented on state president Rakesh Singh, after which the party issued him a show cause notice. They have also asked him why he made this statement. After Shukla’s statement, the state organization hurriedly called a press conference late at night. State General Secretary and MP VD Sharma said that Shukla’s statement is indiscipline. Rakesh Singh did not react to this.
It is being told that on Thursday evening after the results, Shukla had said that the state president is sitting on a responsible post, but he is not able to discharge the work as per this post. They are disabled. Therefore, there is a demand from the central leadership that he be removed from the post or to resign. Whatever is said later will be conveyed to the central leadership. Shukla also said that Rakesh Singh broke the party after arrival. When the Central leadership got information about this statement, Shukla was issued a notice after the High Command said.
Shukla’s statement against BJP’s policy
VD Sharma said that what Shukla has said does not come under the party’s policy. He has been issued a show cause notice after discussion with the central leadership regarding the allegations of incompetence on the state president Rakesh Singh. The party will take further action on the reply of the notice in seven days, because under the leadership of the state president, we have won 28 out of 29 seats in the Lok Sabha elections just a few days ago. This is not the first time that the BJP has not lost the by-election, even before it has lost the by-elections in power.