When Shahrukh Khan was sent to jail for one day for gross misbehaviour

Shah Rukh Khan’s interview with David Letterman is currently going viral on the internetAmong many stories that he narrated from his life, here’s one about being jailed for a day
It’s very rare that you will find Shah Rukh Khan making headlines for misbehaving with someone or losing his calm in public unless someone’s really crossed the line. However, back in the day, there was this certain magazine editor whose distasteful reporting had irked SRK to such an extent that he had angrily barged into the editor’s office to hit him. His misbehaviour had also landed him in the jail for a day.
In his recent interview with David Letterman, Shah Rukh was asked about this very incident. “You were in a film. forgive me if I don’t recall the name. And the director was directing his wife with you in a scene where there was perhaps going to be intimacy. And the rumour printed in the magazine was that he said, ‘Why don’t the two of you spend the night, get to know…you kids get to know one another and them tomorrow we’ll shoot the film.’ And this was insulting, clearly, to you and to the man’s wife”, said David.
And as soon as Letterman recalled to this controversial story, Shah Rukh continued to elaborate, “I got disturbed with it. And I was new. So I used to react to every news item as you know, whatever appeared. And thankfully, there was no social media back then. Just the magazines and stuff. I got very angry and I called up the editor and I said, ‘You wrote this.’ He said ‘But listen can you just take it…it’s just a joke.’ So I said ‘I don’t find it funny’. So I went down to the office and I misbehaved a lot and…” Shah Rukh said he screamed and threatened to hit people. He said he was jailed for a day.
“I was shooting for a day and the cops came and they sat down very sweetly and they said, ‘We have a few questions to ask you.” When Shah Rukh arrived in the jail, the place was so filthy that he pleaded to the cops to let him go and he won’t do it ever again. “It was a small little prison. With all, you know, human faeces…it was really bad”, he said
Shah Rukh was let out on bail by the evening but recalled how he called the same editor who complained against him from the one call he was allowed to make, at the police station.