Seven accused arrested for poisoning tigress in Sanjay Tiger Reserve

Sidhi (Madhya Pradesh). A case has been reported of poisoning the tigress in the Dubri Reserve of Sanjay Tiger Reserve. A joint team of police and forest department has arrested seven people on charges of killing the tigress. The accused are being questioned by the police. In the case of the tigress’s death, the Tiger Reserve’s big negligence is coming out. It is being told that the tigress had a caller ID. And his location was not available for two months.
  According to the information, the tigress died about five days ago. The forest patrolman found the body of the tigress T20 in the forest. The postmortem report has revealed that the tigress has been killed by poisoning. After this, police and forest department team arrested seven people. But the sources say that Tiger Reserve officials are recounting the whole incident. Only the skeleton of the tigress has been found. It is expected that the tigress was killed about 20 days ago.
According to information received from the sources of the Eagar Reserve, the accused have told that they had hunted the pet of the tigress about 15 days ago. He then made up his mind to hide the tigress. To kill the tigress, they mixed poison in the flesh and kept it at the place where she used to come every evening. The tigress died of poisonous meat.
Was brought from Panna one and a half years ago: The tigress T20 was brought from Panna Tiger Reserve on March 25, 2018, about one and a half years ago. After being brought from Panna, the tigress was released at Tiger enclosure in Kanjra in Dubri range of Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve. A month and a half in Kanjara enclosure, he was left with a caller ID in the presence of a forest staff in the old forest of Podi.
They were not able to do trekking even after the caller ID was installed: This T20 was the only tigress in the Sanjay Tagnigar Reserve area to have a caller ID. For the last two months, the staff of the Tiger Reserve was not able to trace its location. Despite this, the officials of the Tiger Reserve sat quietly.