Adani group to set up gas plant in Madhya Pradesh, line will be froem Bhind-Datia to Etawah in UP

Bhopal, October 29, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): The country’s renowned Adani Group will start its business in the region by setting up a gas plant in Malanpur. For this plant, the group has also taken 3 acres of land in Malanpur Industrial Area from MP Industrial Development Corporation (MPIDC). Where the gas supply plant will be built with an investment of Rs 27 crore and hundreds of people will get employment.
From this plant, the gas pipeline will be drawn from Datia to Etawah along Malanpur-Bhind. The company will supply gas to the industries in Malanpur. This is the first industry of the Adani Group in the region and MPIDC is hopeful that the company may also set up other business industries in the future. At the same time, after the installation of this gas plant in Malanpur, the competition in the gas supply will increase and the industries buying gas can get a price relief.
Inflow of new industries in the region …. situation improves
Rale Group has taken 33 acres of land in Sitapur. This unit will start functioning in the next 2 years. More than one thousand people are expected to get employment here. The group will invest Rs 330 crore on this land to set up the most modern plant of Frutti and Appi. Both these products of the group have world-class identity.
In the Sitapur Industrial Area, Mayur Unicots has started its own unit which produces leather-ragins and cloth-mesh fabric at the upper end of shoes. The company is working on about 25 acres of land here and more than 500 people will get direct employment.
The management of Atlas Cycle Unit, which has been closed since 2015, in Malanpur Industrial Area is going to resume. The management will no longer manufacture bicycles or related items in this unit, but will instead make steel pipes. The group has also informed this to MPIDC. After this, one more industries will be started in Malanpur and people of the area will also get employment with investment.
Relief expected amid closing industries
The last 15 years have been very bad for the Gwalior zone regarding the industries sector. More than 25 small and big industries have been closed in the last decade and a half in Malanpur and Banmour Industrial Areas adjacent to Gwalior. There have been many talks between the government and businessmen to restart the closed industries, but nothing happened. Many such large units have been closed in Malnupar alone, which used to give employment to 15 to 20 thousand people in the unit. These include Hotline Glass Limited, Hotline Tele Tube Limited, Malanpur Leather, Atlas Cycle, Perfect Dogs, Permanent Cement Private Limited, Gwalior Polypipe, City Cotton, Hamilton Shoes, MP Iron and Usha Metal Private Limited.
The Adani Group has taken place in Malanpur and the company is setting up a gas plant there. With the coming of this new industry, the industry sector of the region will not only get investment, but people will also get employment. At the same time, new industries are coming in Sitapur and many big groups are discussing about the land. Soon many big groups will set up units in Gwalior zone….