Hyderabad girl with boyfriend kills mother for objecting to relationship

HYDERABAD: A woman is suspected of killing her mother and keeping the body at their house in Hyderabad’s Hayathnagar while she and her boyfriend camped there for three days, police said on Monday.
Police inspector Satish told NDTV that a body was found near Ramannapet railway track in a highly decomposed state on October 25, a week after Rajitha went missing. “We are carrying out forensic tests, in addition to the post-mortem examination, to ascertain that the body actually belongs to her,” he said.
Keerthy Reddy, a second-year undergraduate student at a local college, and her boyfriend, who lives in the neighbourhood, are being questioned as part of the ongoing investigation.
According to police, the father — a truck driver — returned home from a routine road trip only to find his wife missing. Dissatisfied with his daughter’s explanation that she was in Visakhapatnam at the time, he took her along to lodge a police complaint. Subsequent investigation and an examination of data records, however, disproved Keerthy Reddy’s claim that she was not in Hyderabad.
According to sources, police believe that Keerthy Reddy murdered her mother with the help of her boyfriend — Shashi — after being admonished over their relationship. They allegedly kept the body in the house for three days, but when the smell became unbearable, dumped it on a railway track in Ramannapet.
Keerthy Reddy had reportedly told police that Rajitha may have attempted suicide after being beaten by her father in a dunken stupor. Inconsistencies in her story, however, made the police suspicious. She later reportedly them that she had strangled her mother while Shashi held her legs.
Family members and neighbours expressed shock over the couple’s only daughter being accused of the murder.