Legislative Council in MP” 26.50 crore will be spent on salary and allowances, 70 MLCs and 11 ministers will increase

 Bhopal, October 29, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): The exercise of the Legislative Council has started in the state. On Tuesday, Chief Secretary S’ar Mehanti has called a high-level meeting to discuss the format for its formation. The Parliamentary Affairs Department has also prepared a discussion paper on the estimated expenditure on the council.
According to this, about 26.5 million rupees will be spent annually on salary and allowances of MLC (Member of Legislative Council) and officers and employees in the Legislative Council. The expenditure on other capital systems is estimated to be Rs 1.25 billion. However, the government will get a chance to increase the number of members in its cabinet by 15 percent. The government is considering setting up a council of 70 to 75 members. The expenditure for this can be estimated on the basis of expenditure in the assembly. It can have only one third of the members of the Legislative Assembly. Its president and vice president will also be different. The salary and allowances and status of these and MLCs will be equal to the members of the Legislative Assembly.
Big question… What will the public get disillusioned with the spending of crores of rupees from tax?
Legislative Assembly shall be called lower council
Where-how much expense: The expenditure that will have to be incurred every year
Item expenditure in the budget of the Legislative Council
Pay and allowances of president and vice-president, travel
Tour expenses, hospitality expenditure etc. 85 lakh 85 lakh
MLA salary allowances Rs. 27.5 crores 9.16 Crore
MLA travel allowance and tour expenses of Rs 9.5 crore. 3.16 Crore
Expenditure on MLA office Rs. 2.35 crore 78 lakhs
70 crores of salary of officers and employees. 12 crores
Capital expenditure on council
Furniture, computer etc. 5 crores
Vehicle 1 crore
Phone 2.5 million
(This does not include housing expenses.)
It will initially have 100 officer-staff appointments. Will increase later.
 A separate secretariat will be formed of the council. The budget of its staff will have to be arranged separately in the budget.
26.50 crores +6.25 crores = 32.75 crores. Total Estimated Expenses.
Legislative councils exist in only 7 states out of 31
 What is the use of cabinet expansion?
The cabinet can comprise only 15% members of the total legislators. At present there are 29 ministers including the Chief Minister and five posts are vacant. With the formation of the Legislative Council, it will increase to about 11. In this way, there will be a total of 45 ministers in the cabinet. Many times, experts are not available to join the cabinet. The government can bring them into the cabinet through the Legislative Council.
 What will happen to the Legislative Council?
The council functions as an assembly, but has little authority. The budget, no-confidence motions come to the assembly. However, council members will not be able to vote.
 What are his rights?

  • New Bills can be introduced in Council. They are sent to the assembly on passing from there. The bill is formed only after it is passed in the assembly. The Legislative Assembly can send the Bill to the Council again.
     In which states is the council currently?
    Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Jammu and Kashmir.
     What is constitutional system?
    Article 169 (1) of the Constitution provides for the Legislative Council that if its resolution is passed by the Legislative Assembly, Parliament can provide for it. While for MP, section 33 (1) of the States Reorganization Act 1956 and Section 8 (2) of the Constitution (Seventh Amendment) Act 1956, there is a provision that it is not necessary to pass a resolution in the Legislative Assembly.
     How will it be formed?
    According to Article 171 (1) of the Constitution, the total number of members of the Legislative Council shall not exceed one-third of the total number of members of the Legislative Assembly of that State. The total number of members shall not be less than 40.
     Who will be its members?
    1/3 part of the total member strength will be elected from electorates consisting of members of local bodies, 1/3 part assembly members will elect people who are not members of the assembly 1/12 part to be made up of three year graduates. The electoral college consisting of persons engaged in teaching for at least three years in non-standard educational institutions from 1/12 part middle school Will be elected by. The remaining members will be nominated by the Governor with the suggestion of the government.
     What is the difference between Rajya Sabha and Legislative Council
    The Rajya Sabha has more powers than the Legislative Council. The role of the Legislative Council is more suggestive, as the Assembly makes the final decision. Constitutional amendment can also come in the Rajya Sabha, this greatly increases its power.
    Why the Legislative Council is being formed?
     Congress promised the Legislative Council in its promissory note. To maintain political mathematics.