Madhya Pradesh Minister Jitu Patwari treat to poor children at 5-star hotel in Indore to celebrate Diwali

Bhopal, October 28, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): Higher Education Minister celebrated the festival of Deepawali with poor and destitute children. The minister not only offered them sweets but also took them to a 5 Star Hotel and had a meal with him. Along with 100 children, Geeta who returned from Pakistan was also present on this occasion.
Minister Patwari reached the hotel with the children.
Minister Jeetu Patwari told that I had celebrated Holi with my family among these children. During that time also I took them to feed. My son lives in the hostel, on Diwali he said that this time also like Holi, are we going to have dinner with those children. I said that it will definitely go. After this I came to celebrate Diwali with my wife Renuka and son Krishna with about 100 poor destitute children. After celebrating Deepawali, we went to have dinner with them at the five Star hotel in the city. The children entering the 5 Star Hotel for the first time were became very happy. Patwari said that he has an emotional connection with these children. They are also my family.
Geeta, who returned from Pakistan with children, also reached the hotel.
When I was bringing these children, I also spoke at Geeta’s hostel. I asked how many children are there. It was told that there is only Gita there. After this I said that Geeta is also coming with us. We all celebrated Deepawali together and had a meal together.