Minister Verma takes dig at Scindia, urges for Bhuria as MPCC President

Bhopal, October 28, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Madhya Pradesh Minister Sajjan Singh Verma has also jumped into the statement about making the state president running in the state. Verma advocated the name of Kantilal Bhuria, who recently got Vijayashree in the Jhabua Assembly for the state president. Describing Bhuria as the most suitable for the post of president, he said that he had held this command earlier. Bhuria is a leader who takes everyone along. On the statement of Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia, he said that he is not fully aware of the debt waiver due to being on a foreign trip.
Verma, who came to participate in the Godharvan Pooja program of the Yadav community, said that Kantilal Bhuria should be made the state president of the Congress, he has already taken charge of the state president. He has experience of working with everyone. He said that tribals have a big contribution in forming the state government.
Yadav attended the program of the society.
Regarding the expansion plans of the cabinet, he said that first the state president will be decided, after that there will be talk on cabinet expansion. No minister will be removed from Indore. Our government is not stingy. The BJP government did not have a single minister from Indore, while the Congress government has three strong ministers from here. Targeting the former chief minister, he said that Shivraj Singh Chauhan has left us with the treasure. Duality has started in BJP leaders. The BJP is now disintegrated fragmented.
Regarding the upcoming decision of Ayodhya said that I am very grateful to the Supreme Court, so much speed could not be brought to the Supreme Court in so many years, but the people sitting in the Supreme Court are quite miraculous, when it was felt that they had hinted somewhere. The date is appearing in the Supreme Court every day. There was so many years of conflict, so many years of struggle. The judiciary did not take cognizance when there was a attack in the name of caste religion, but has now taken it. Now I do not know what is the point, but O Lord Shree Ram, these India are safe, remain calm, whatever the decision, every citizen should accept the decision. Lord Rama will give the judges good wisdom and make the right decision.