MP Govt to sell old aircraft for 8.55 crore and helicopter for Rs. 2.71 crore

Bhopal, October 30, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): The state government is selling 18-year-old helicopters and 17-year-old airplanes out of its fleet of ships. After selling them, the process of buying a new helicopter for 60 crores rupees will start. A proposal is being brought in this cabinet on Thursday. At present, the government has only one helicopter purchased in 2013 in working condition.
The old airplane and the helicopter are not in a position to fly, the sale of both is estimated to be about 11 crore 26 lakhs. According to the proposal, the government had fixed the offset price of Rs 8 crore 50 lakh for the V-2-100 ship purchased in 2002, which has been proposed to be purchased for Rs 8 crore 55 lakh. Similarly, the offset price for sale of Well-30 purchased in 2001 was fixed at Rs 2 crore 66 lakh, which has been proposed to be purchased for Rs 2 crore 71 lakh.
The proposal prepared by the department to sell these two will be brought to the cabinet for approval.
 The reason behind the sale of these two is the argument of Aviation Minister PC Sharma that in the fleet of ships we got from the previous government, there was no maintenance of airplanes and helicopters, which is teaching them to sell. The state government has already sold a helicopter for Rs 6 crore.