Honey trap case: Monica Yadav’s father said- I had filed a case under police pressure

monika and aarati dayal

Bhopal, November 3, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): The human trafficking case involving Honey Trap took a new turn on Saturday. Hiralal, the father of smuggling Monica Yadav, told the media outside the court of Magistrate Jyoti Rathore that he got the FIR done under police pressure. The police forcefully signed him on paper, even though he is not educated. As soon as the police were accused, the SIT team reached the court with the case diary and asked to give statements under pressure from the accused like Shweta Vijay Jain, Aarti Dayal etc. on Hiralal. At present, the court has rejected the application for recording the statement under section 164 of Hiralal.
SIT bid – Shweta, Aarti remained under pressure
The SIT told the court that accused Aarti Dayal, Shweta Vijay Jain, Shweta Shwapnil Jain etc. in Indore jail are pressurizing Monika Yadav to withdraw the case of human trafficking. Due to this pressure, Hiralal wants to change his earlier statement and record a new statement in the court. Whereas before this, Hiralal himself lodged an FIR in the CID police station without any pressure. In this regard, Monica’s mother and another witness also confessed to forcibly pushing Monica in unethical activities on the accused in the case.
The court rejected the application and wrote
Magistrate Jyoti Rathore wrote that it is clear from the legal status of the case that the statements of section 164 can be recorded only by the witness present by the police officer. Sakshi Hiralal Yadav himself has appeared. It is expressed that no court statement has been made by the police, in such a case, the application submitted by Hiralal is rejected.
Police said – will leave the daughter
I had filed a case at the behest of the police. The police assured them that you register an FIR, we will leave your daughter. I am scared of the police and my life is in danger.
Hiralal Yadav, Off Court
Pressure on Hiralal, will investigate
Monica’s father was about to change the statement, so we appealed to the court to reject his application. The court did not take statements after listening to us. Some people from the accused side have put pressure on Hiralal. We will investigate Shashikant Chaurasia, TI Palasia, Indore