Hotel Victoria Vintage, Lazeez restaurant and Javed Habib salon gutted in Gwalior

Bhopal, November 4, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): A short-circuit spark on the roof of the three-storey building near the Achleshwar temple at Gwalior on Sunday engulfed the entire building. The spark spread to the board of the thermocol of the restaurant on the roof and in just two and a half minutes the thermocol board caused the flames to engulf the entire building. 30 lives were trapped inside the building.
If someone jumped down with the help of a tarpaulin, someone reached the roof of the neighborhood with the help of a ladder. The fire brigade arrived 25 minutes later, causing everything to burn. The building operates the Lajij Restaurant on the first floor and Javed Habib Salon on the second floor. Hotel Victoria Vintage runs on the third and fourth floors. Fire brigade brought the fire under control in three hours.
Whose loss
GS Tomar, the operator of the vintage hotel, said that he had lost about Rs 70 lakh. His restaurant was not even insured. According to Ajee Kapoor, the director of the gastronomic restaurant, he has lost about three lakh rupees. At the same time, Salon Director Mansi told that the precious cosmetic product and the entire furniture was burnt.
Real Hire: City Defense Committee soldier Nishant Sahu broke the glass after reaching the fire brigade and reached the roof. Knock off the 6 cylinders kept here. Also shut down the generator, it was filled with diesel.