BJP MLA Mendola refuses to pay Dakshina to invited Sadhus, faces ruckus outside his house at Indore

 Indore/Bhopal, November 6, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Sage-saints created a ruckus outside the house of number two MLA Ramesh Mendola on Tuesday night. He was accused of being summoned, but not given dakshina. The sages alleged that they were forcibly taken out after bhajan dusk without giving any dakshina, whereas this had never happened before.
BJP MLA Ramesh Mendola’s mother from constituency number two was the death anniversary on Tuesday. According to annually this year also Mendola organized Bhajan Sandhya, in which the famous Bhajan singer was called. A large number of saints and saints also reached the program. After the conclusion of the program in the Ganesh temple complex at Nandanagar, the saints started returning empty-handed. The sadhus became angry on this and created a ruckus. Some saints froze in front of Mendola’s house. After this, some leaders tried to explain, but their anger broke out on these leaders. The Sadhus are alleged to have returned a large number of Sadhus without giving Dakshina. During this, he was also honored. This video of saints and saints has now gone viral.
The sadhus alleged that some people were given blankets and dakshina, but the rest were pushed out. Someone was given a blanket. We were called from the Narmada shore, now how will we go back. If you did not give Dakshina, you would not give it to anyone. The people standing there pushed us away, we came here in their name.