Female monkey brings her injured child to hospital for treatment at Sehore in MP!

Sehore/Bhopal, November 7, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): We have often heard and seen stories of the humanity of all humans, but a peculiar story of the humanity of animals has been seen in Sehore. Yes, when a female monkey arrived at the District Animal Hospital with her injured child, the eyes of every person present there became moist. However, the child was dead when Doctors examined him.
District Animal Hospital arrived with baby
Actually, 11 kV line of electricity passes through the old jail wall of Sehore city. An accident occurred with a group of monkeys having fun at the clump of trees along the root of this line. A child of the monkey fell into this line by swinging and immediately fell down to the ground. However, immediately the mother of this child brought her to the district hospital, located a short distance away from the spot. This unruly person showed great condolences and took her child full in the dock and sat at the main gate of the district veterinary hospital, every one coming from the eyes Kept saying in his silent language that someone should cure it, save its life. Meanwhile, Bandaria continued to show anger to everyone who comes near.
Doctors did this work
The staff of the District Animal Hospital could not stop the tears from their eyes seeing this act of Bandaria. However, as soon as doctors have examined the body of this child, but by then the child of Bandaria is dead. After this, Bandaria again went to her group with her dead child and everyone present there was admiring her actions