FIRs against kin of Minister Silawat at Indore and Minister Lakhan Singh at Datia for violence

Bhopal, November 7, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Questions have been raised about law and order in Madhya Pradesh. Even Ministers and their relatives are not behind in breaking the law. In Indore, the health minister Tulsi Silavat’s relatives beat up the corporation employees a day before their banner-posters were removed. In this case, an FIR has been registered against four people, including the minister’s nephew Rahul Silavat, on Wednesday. On the other hand, the bullying of the husband of the Bhander MLA of Datia also came to light on Wednesday. When the SDM caught the tractor-trolley loaded with the ballast, they broke into his chamber to free him and snatched the officer’s mobile. Later, the seized tractor-trolleys were taken along. A case has been registered against two people, including nephew of Minister Lakhan Singh Yadav, for threatening the district CEO in Vijayanagar in Sheopur.
He had threatened the CEO on the phone to start the construction works which were closed due to disturbances in the panchayats. On Tuesday, the FIR was lodged against the minister’s nephew Rahul Silavat, relatives Chandu Silavat, Kapil Kaushik and Vicky Khatik, who beat the banners, banners and posters in the Residency area on Tuesday on the birthday of Health Minister Tulsi Silavat in Indore. On the corporation’s report, the police registered a case against the five accused for obstructing official work, threatening to kill them, assaulting a public servant, misappropriation of property and other sections.
Mayor said- Minister’s son or nephew will not tolerate … Indore Mayor Malini Gaur said that the Chief Minister gave strict instructions in the cabinet regarding hoardings and posters. Despite this, Congress workers are not agreeing. The city has come to cleanliness three times. We got it for the fourth time also. 1 have to bring. I request the workers of all the parties not to spoil the city. Whether the minister has a son or a nephew, action will be taken on all.
FIR filed against two including nephew of minister in charge
The police on Wednesday registered an FIR against the araepia in connection with the threat of phone calls to the CEO of the district panchayat Vijaypur, demanding the commencement of construction works that were closed due to disturbances in the panchayats. One of the accused has been described as nephew of district in-charge minister and state animal husbandry minister Lakhan Singh Yadav. However, district panchayat CEO Joshua Peter is not satisfied with the FIR. He says that there should be more currents in it, about which he will meet the Collector-SP. The CEO said that at 3.42 pm, a call was received from mobile number 9993686600, in which a young man named Sanjay Yadav called himself a nephew of Minister in-charge Lakhon Singh Yadav and asked him to act against the rules. When they refused to do so, they were abusive, to which the CEO cut the call. After this, a call was received again from the mobile number 8827702080. District employees staged a protest to threaten the CEO. He said that after this threat, I am unable to work in the office. I am very upset because of this. I will meet the Collector and SP for further action.
 Legislative husband rescued by seized tractor-trolley
 The legislative defense in Datia witnessed the bullying of Santram Sironia, husband of Sironia. The SDM caught a ballast-filled trawley on Wednesday and MLA husband SDM JP Gupta went into the chamber. The SDM did not listen to him and the MLA’s husband snatched the mobile from her hand and abused her. Sironia accused the SDM of demanding a bribe of Rs 10,000. During this time the MLA’s husband and supporters shouted loudly, then the SDM started making videos of him from his mobile phone. Seeing this, Sironia snatched the mobile from the SDM’s hand. He took the phone to Collector BS Jamod and left it there. He then carried a ballast-laden tractor-trolley seized by the SDM in the Collectorate premises.
 We will file an FIR
We stopped the tractor full of ballast. The driver had royalty of one cubic meter while it had four cubic meters of ballast. That is why we had asked for an inquiry. Meanwhile, seven-eight people came along with Santram, Ajay Shukla, Jeetu Dangi and started abusing me. When I made a video, he snatched the mobile and gave it to the Collector, and took down the seized tractor. Now we are sending it to the police for the FIR.
JP Gupta, SDM, Datia
Bhander MLA’s husband misbehaved with SDM and took away the seized tractor-trolley
The SDM caught a ballast-laden tractor-trolley, threatened and abused Santram Sironia SDM JP Gupta, husband of Bhander MLA Raksha Sironia of Datia, into his chamber and abused him. When the SDM started making his video, he snatched the phone. He then took a tractor-trolley with him from the collectorate premises.
The decision was taken in the presence of ministers
 It was decided in the Cabinet not to impose illegal harding. All the ministers were present in the meeting. Those present during that time should follow it. The Chief Minister had clearly said that strict action should be taken against illegal hoardings. -Sajjan Verma, PWD Minister
Indore Mayor Malini Gaur has warned not to spoil the city. Whether it is the son or nephew of the minister, the action will be on all.
 The action taken by the corporation is appropriate
 Whatever was to be done is done. The more grief you have, the more it is me. The action taken by the Municipal Corporation to remove the banner-posters is appropriate. I have instructed the workers not to have banner-posters on anyone’s birthday