Retired IG’s son-daughter-in-law locks up step-mother and aunt for three months, rescued at Bhopal

Bhopal, November 8, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): A case has been held by the son-daughter-in-law of a retired jail IG holding the elderly step mother and aunt (mother’s cousin sister) hostage in the house. Mother and aunt were not allowed to move out of the house and meet anyone. Both were imprisoned for three months.
Son and daughter-in-law have left them in the care of servants and have gone to the children in America. The matter was revealed when the younger brother came to meet his sister, but the servant and the maid did not allow them to meet. Police reached the brother’s complaint and freed both and arrested the servant-maid.
 According to Shahjahanabad police station in-charge Zaheer Khan, 65-year-old Razi Uj Zafar, resident of Fatehgarh, had complained that his elder sister, Razia Sultan, 85, lives in Idgah Hills with her step-son Khalid Hasan and daughter-in-law Shahna Khalid. He is accompanied by his sister’s daughter Rana Sultan. When he went to visit his sister, he was not allowed by the servant Abdul Laik and the maid Rukmani Bai.
Poor mental and physical condition
Both were held hostage in the house, causing their mental and physical condition to deteriorate. According to CSP NK Pateria, Rashid ul Haq retired from the post of Jail IG about 25 years ago. His son Khalid Hasan joins Jeddah. These days he has gone to America with his wife Shahna Khalid to have children. The police is trying to contact them. Only after talking to them will it be clear why Razia and Rana were taken hostage.
Even the police were not allowed inside the house …
On Wednesday, when the police team with Razi Uj Zafar arrived, Abdul Laik and Rukmani also did not let them enter the house. When the police showed strictness, the door was opened. Razia and Rana Duri were found in a room inside. Both were not in a position to speak. The police handed over Razia and Rana to Razi Uj Zafar.
Police entered the house through the roof, opened 15 locks
The police first called the servant Laik. He told that he was near the airport. He then switched off the mobile. The team reached home and got locked from outside at the main gate. The team entered the terrace from the adjacent house. Laik and Maid Rukmani were hiding in a room. When the police asked them about the two women, they kept quiet. After this, the police opened 15 locks of the house. Both women were weak and tense in one room.
Servants said – were closed for security
The servants told that they kept them locked inside the house for safety. They say they did so at the behest of Razia’s son Khalid. Inquiries have revealed that Khalid wants to grab the said house, so he was torturing the stepmother.