Tiger enters village in Raisen district of MP, People panic, team sent from Bhopal for rescue

Raisen/Bhopal, November 8, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): . A tiger entered the village of Sirbara in Bari Nagar area of ​​the district. On Sunday morning, the people of the village saw the tiger in the field, after which panic spread. People have climbed to the roof of their houses. The local forest staff and police team have arrived to rescue the tiger. A crowd of people has gathered in the village. Here, a special team of forest department has been sent from Bhopal to rescue the tiger.
In the morning, people were scared to see the tiger walking in the field of village Sirbara in the district. The tiger appeared to be roaming a paddy field at village Sirbara, just one kilometer from Bari Nagar. After seeing the tiger, people climbed onto the roofs of the houses and informed the police. The forest department team has started the tiger rescue. The forest workers have asked the locals to be vigilant.
Forest Officer, Anil Singh has also reached the spot as soon as the tiger comes to the village. He said that the forest department and the police team are trying to catch the tiger. The team of Bhopal Fores Department has left to catch the tiger. Sirwara village is in the Singhori Sanctuary area.