Fraudster cheats crores of rupees from people by learning tricks from internet

Indore/Bhopal, November 10, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): . Crime has caught two such miscreants who used to falsely mislead people by becoming CBI officers. A large quantity of fake stamps, seals and identity cards and other fake documents have been found from the accused, which he had learned to make by watching videos on the Internet. The accused confessed to the incidents in West Bengal, MP, Delhi and Maharashtra. These radio active substances were made available to the Government of India, and used to trick people. He was tempted to get huge amount from investment in RP. The possession of the accused has led to laptop, fake seal, coin making, printer and transaction documents.
The accused kept a fake CBI officer card.
SP headquarters Suraj Verma said that the crime branch had received information that Vikram and Shahubuddin were cheating people by taking huge amount of money from them in a bluff. After registering a case against both, the team caught coal from Bakhal Indore. Accused Vikram father Adhir Goswami resident Kallan Nagar West Bengal said that he lives in Ratlam Kothi area. He has read till 11th, but has a good grasp on technical gadgets. Prior to the cheating, the antique used to buy, sell, sell fire work and towels on footpaths in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, but when the money started falling short for hobbies, he got into the business of cheating and cheating people for crores. Did it. He had kept many types of seal stamps, special CBI officer identity cards. He married a second wife after a divorce from his first wife. The accused used fake seal in documents for confession of child for admission of TC and the name of the second mother on the birth certificate of the son after divorce. All the documents were given fake to the school.
At the same time, the accused Shahabuddin’s father Muzaffar Malik resident, Padanchopur, West Bengal, said that he is doing polishing work on gold and silver jewelery in Sarafa Bazar. Vikram had told him to work in CBI. Vikram had told him that he had given RP (rice puller made of copper) which is a valuable item to the Government of India. During this work many people are associated with him in the group. When the government gives money, it can get government money to many people at once, so through a form we have to raise people. They will get one crore rupees from the government. Instead they will have to deposit some cash. At the behest of Vikram, he started connecting people and he charged 27 thousand government license fees. Those who gave money were told that in case of a police verification, your name will be canceled and your money will be returned. People will get benefit of about five crores if the firm is right. These rupees will appear in the account till 1 November.