8 trains running from Bhopal will provide handheld devices, direct reservation on empty berths by TTE

Bhopal, November 11, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Bhopal-based Shan-e-Bhopal, Revanchal, Amarkantak, Jabalpur Intercity, Jan Shatabdi, Bhopal-Pratapgarh Express, Bhopal-Khajuraho and Bhopal-Damoh Rajya Rani Express will start giving reserve tickets with handheld devices from January. Whatever berths will remain empty in these trains, they will be allotted by TTE online through handheld devices.
In the next phase, this facility will also be available in other trains starting from here till March. Rail division spokesperson IA Siddiqui says that as soon as the devices are available, passengers will start getting their facilities in trains starting from here.
In the first phase … Bhopal Railway Division is going to get 25 devices by January, the passengers from the handheld device reserve tickets as per the demand in the moving train to the seats lying vacant in the trains of NH-Bhabganj-New Delhi Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express category passing through here. Is being given In the next phase, the Railway Board has decided to give this device in premium, mail and express category trains. At present, Bhopal Railway Board is going to get 25 devices by January. After this, similar devices will be available in the next phase.
Internet connectivity improved
Three years ago, the Railways started giving vacant seats on handheld devices to a moving train. But due to lack of good internet connectivity, there was a lot of problem. Now 4G connectivity is being provided during the movement of trains.
IRCTC will be the medium
IRCTC, which is looking for online ticketing, will be given this device. They will match them according to their software and distribute them to different divisions. After this, they will be given to TTE for the trains of rail divisions.
Neither trains will have one AC-3 coach
Railway administration has decided to permanently add one additional coach of AC-3 category in some trains to clear the number of passengers and waiting. Indore-Howrah and Howrah-Indore Express, one permanent coach of AC-3 category has been installed in all the four racks of Indore-Rajendra Nagar and Rajendra Nagar-Indore.