Akash Suicide Case / NGO Activist Sheena arrested for harassmet, Sent to Jail

Khandwa/Bhopal, November 12, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): After a preliminary inquiry, the Moghat police arrested co-ordinator Sheena Negi, father Subhash Negi (25) of an NGO operating in the district from Azad Nagar. She was charged with abetment of suicide by Akash Ramkumar Haldwani (26), an engineer working in an NGO, a resident of Kishore Nagar. Abused for suicide). At 4 pm on Monday evening, she was presented in the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate Rashmi Walter, from where she was sent to jail.
During the statement, Akash’s mother Seema and brother Abhishek at Moghat police station accused Sheena Negi that she was pressurizing Akash to get married. On refusal, she was threatening to be implicated in a false case. Tortured by this, Akash committed suicide by placing his head on the track of the train. Akash received Sheena’s call at 6 pm on Saturday. He was upset since then. At 6.30 in the evening, Akash left the house. Akash’s mother Seema called several times, but could not speak. At 10.45 am, Akash told his mother that he was coming home in half an hour. But the news of his death came at 12.30 pm. A preliminary inquiry by Aakash’s mobile call details and Sheena’s message on Akash’s mother’s WhatsApp, based on call details and voice recording of her mother’s mobile living in Dehradun, was registered by the police.
Accused woman quote – I have no fault
None of this is my fault. Akash got a call from me, he said that take care of my mother and father and I am doing all this on my own free will. You record this thing or else people will torture you. My mother and father will also torture you. That’s why you record. I am doing all this on my own free will. I have that recording, have also heard the police.
Youth beaten slippers in bullion, threatened media persons
The girl has an old relationship with controversies. On 28 July 19, after making friends on Facebook, the bullion businessman’s son had pornographic chat in his inbox. Sheena shared the young man’s handiwork on his Facebook wall. She beat up a young man with the slippers outside the house in Sarafa Bazar with a friend. Through Facebook, journalists were threatened that if anyone made her video viral, then they will take the same action and take legal action. The accused took the wrong advantage of being a woman many times.
As soon as hearing the jail warrant, she started crying in front of the judge
Moghat police registered an FIR against Sheena and arrested him. Recorded Sheena’s statements. After this he was taken to court. After reading the case diary, the judge wept as soon as he heard the order of the jail warrant. Virender Verma, a lawyer who has filed a bail application, wept before the judge, but pleaded for bail. Prosecuting officer Hariprasad Banke objected to the bail application, arguing that the matter was still under investigation. It will not be appropriate to grant bail.
During the initial investigation, the case looks like harassment. According to the call detail, a love affair between the two has also come to light. Akash was worried about Sheena for a few days. Case filed against the accused presented in court. From where he has been sent to jail. In the PM report, death due to being cut by train is reported.