Case of children’s trafficking against Swami Nityanada, two arrested

Ahmedabad: A case of alleged abduction of children has been registered against self-styled Baba Swami Nityananda. It is alleged that in order to run his ashram in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Swami Nityananda kidnaps children and keeps them hostage and collects donations from followers. The police have also arrested two female followers – Sadhvi Pran Priyanand and Priyatattva Riddhi Kiran. Both are accused of allegedly abducting at least four children and holding them hostage in a flat.
These children were being used as child laborers in collecting donations for the ashram. A police officer said a case has been registered against Nityananda on similar charges after the police recorded statements of four children who were freed from a flat and Yogini Sarvagyanapitham Ashram. He told that it is the responsibility of running the ashram on Sadhvi Pran Priyananda and Priyatattva Riddhi Kiran.
“Two of the nine and 10-year-old children of the ashram told us that they were being tortured and were being worked as child laborers,” the police said. He was held hostage in a flat in the city for more than 10 days. Following these allegations, two followers of Swami Nityananda were arrested.
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Deputy Superintendent of Police (Ahmedabad Rural) K.K. T. Kamariya said that two other children who were freed from the ashram made similar allegations based on a complaint lodged by parents. Section 365 of IPC (abducting person to be held hostage), 344 (holding hostage for 10 or more days), 323 (intentionally injuring), 504 (intentional libel with intent to breach peace) against the accused ) And 502 (selling printed material with defamatory subject matter). The police officer said that a case has also been registered under Section 14 of the Child Labor (Prohibition and Regulation) Act 1986.
K. T. Kamariya said, “The two children who have been freed from the flat) have been handed over to the Child Welfare Committee, which is interrogating them and finding out about their parents.” The freed children told the police Told that they were forcibly engaged in religious work and tortured. The Deputy Superintendent of Police said, “By sharing and uploading various ritual related materials, he was employed in the ashram’s work to collect donations from followers.”