Madhya Pradesh Minister sets precedent, contributes in cleaning stinking nullah at Shivpuri

Shivpuri/ Bhopal, November 20, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): . In-charge of the district, Pradyuman Singh Tomar, the forest minister, went out on a city tour with the staff of municipal corporation on Tuesday morning. In the old Shivpuri area, when he saw a drain choked, the minister himself went down into the drain to do the cleaning. In the dirt, when he saw a sweeper without wearing a boot, he got angry and said to CMO KK Pateria – how to clean this drain in such a mess, when his boss is not wearing boot.
He told them that who is responsible for making them available, bring them in front of me otherwise CMO sahib will be the FIR on you. The minister also called Collector Anugraha P and SP Rajesh Singh Chandel on the spot and asked that RI and Patwari be appointed to oversee cleanliness so that our city can become clean and pollution free.
In-charge Minister and State Food and Civil Supplies Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar went out on a 7 am visit to the city on Tuesday. During this time, seeing the dirt in the old Shivpuri area, he started cleaning. Meanwhile, some local people told them that there is a drain behind it, it has not been cleaned for a long time. Go there and see. After hearing the complaint from the people, when the minister reached the spot, there was a drain and there was a lot of dirt. He got angry after seeing such a situation. He told the CMO – People are complaining that you do not do regular cleaning, please reply. When the CMO did not say anything, he took a shovel in his hand and got down into the drain and started cleaning.
The minister ordered gloves and boots, went down to the drain
When the minister reached the drain on the complaint of the people, he already had the gloves in his hands. Seeing the filth of the drain, he asked one of his employees to wear the first boot in the foot. Wearing boots, he got down in the drain. While cleaning, when the minister saw a scavenger wearing a boot, he got angry and said to the CMO – don’t you consider it a human being. They are cleaning the dirt from it but they did not even give them the necessary resources.
The minister folded his hands and told the CMO – you are not working properly
When the minister in charge saw the pipeline being laid near the Sai Baba temple, he did not like its quality. On this, the Minister in charge folded his hands in front of the CMO and said – what is going on? You are not working properly Who is monitoring the water. The CMO took the name of AE Chauhan on this. After this, the minister asked the collector to conduct a separate inquiry.
Cleaning your own hair by asking for a brush to see dirty toilet
When the Minister reached the office of Senior Agricultural Extension Officer for inspection, the toilet was found very dirty there. The toilet was so dirty that it smelled far outside. The first minister saw the toilet. After this, Collector Anugraha P wanted to see, then the minister in charge stopped him and said – you stop here. He then ordered a phenyl bottle and brush, then cleaned the toilet himself