Chambal dacoits now abduct buffaloes also for ransom, uneployed youths also become cattle thieves

Bhopal, November 21, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): You might have listened the stories of kidnapping humans and taking ransom, but Chambal’s approach is different. Here, the criminal practice of kidnapping buffaloes and extorting money has been going on for a long time. In the local language it is called panihai. Panihai means transporting stolen buffalo to its owner by taking lump sum through intermediaries.
It is up to 30 percent of the price of buffalo. The police is so helpless in front of the strong structure of cattle thieves, their touts and political contacts that even after knowing the names and addresses of the thieves, they are not able to enter their village. Because they unite as a community and resist. Sometimes the pills are also fired. Most of Panihai’s cases do not reach the police as the victim side feels insulted in it.
Three examples, if the buffalo was stolen, the panchayat was called

  1. Case stuck with non-payment of money
    A widow woman named Jaldevi, a buffalo worth 60 thousand rupees, was stolen from the village of Sirimiti in Dimni at 12 noon on September 1. Jaldevi told the names of the three suspects to the police but no action was taken. After all, the woman called a panchayat to get the buffalo back, in which the suspicious people promised to return the buffalo by swearing, but the matter is stuck due to non-payment of money.
  2. Buffalo returned with 20 thousand
    In April, an unknown thief opened the buffalo of Dhara Kori from Hornpura area of ​​Porsa area from outside the house. Dhara complained to the police but did not hear. Finally he contacted the brokers. After this, there was a panchayat in Bhu Ka Pura village of Kukhathari and through these brokers, he returned a buffalo worth 60 thousand rupees by giving 20 thousand rupees.
  3. An example like this, the victim side caught the tractor, then the deal happened
    Two years ago a buffalo worth Rs 80,000 was stolen from Dharmendra Kirar of Morena village. It was learned that the people of Donhari village are involved in the theft. After this, it was decided in the society’s mahapanchayat at the village Dauji temple that if the tractor-trolleys of sand belonging to the people belonging to the community of buffalo theft came out of the populated villages of our society, they would catch them. A tractor was also caught. 10 days later, the people of the concerned community returned the buffalo. However, on the go, they also swore the people of Kirar community at the temple that now they will not hold sand tractor-trolley.
        History sheets of old cattle thieves are ready
        All the police in-charge have been instructed to prepare a history sheet of old miscreants stealing cattle and they should be called to the police station and banned. Police are starting a review of old incidents of cattle theft and the accused.
        Dr. Asit Yadav, SP Morena
             Crime will decrease if youth gets employment
    Cattle theft is a major problem in Chambal region. The main reason behind this is youth unemployment. The working youth should be allowed to excavate sand from select ghats of the Chambal river, every family in rural areas will get work if they get loan from banks for dairy farming. We have also discussed several times with Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar in this regard.