Furniture Trader, Female Partner and Maid murdered in Betul, police clue-less

Betul/ Bhopal, November 21, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): On Wednesday evening, furniture trader Nandkishore Malaviya (58), a female companion Phulwa (48), a woman living in live-in relationship for fifteen years, and maid Geeta (25) were killed by unidentified men entering the house in the Bhagudhana Shankaranagar area of ​​Betul. The three are stabbed with a knife and a rod weighing on their head.
On Wednesday evening, when the friend of the furniture trader reached his house on Wednesday, when the phone was not received, he saw the bodies of the three, then the incident was revealed. Is not a child of a businessman. Police said Nandkishore’s dead body was found in the front room while the bodies of the two women were found in the back room. Police say that the three were killed by attacking them with a knife and a weapon weighing on their heads./
Fear of murder Tuesday evening
A knife has also been found on the spot. A newspaper was found lying at the door, it is feared that the murder took place on Tuesday night. Friendly Lovely Sardar told that Nandkishore was going to take him to Nagpur for treatment of Phulwa living in live in relation. On Wednesday, Nandkishore did not get a call during the day, so when he went to his house in the evening and saw, the door was a little open. When looked inside, the corpse was lying.
Police engaged in investigation
According to the police, after the revelation of this massacre last evening, in the preliminary investigation, the murder has been done with a sharp weapon. The reasons for the murder have not been revealed at the moment. Two weapons have been used in the murder. The dead had bruises on their heads. The entire contents of the house are scattered. The police is also investigating aspects of the murder over the property dispute.
Fear of murder in property dispute, first suspect close
In Shankar Nagar, Bhagudhana, a furniture dealer, a female companion and a maid living in a live-in were murdered by an unknown. The businessman and both women are murdered with pointed weapons. The murder has not been revealed yet. When the friend Lovely Sardar arrived on Wednesday evening, the incident was revealed. All rooms were scattered inside the house. The police is also investigating the property dispute aspect of the murder. Police are anticipating murder on the close.
The bodies of two women, including a furniture merchant, have been found at Shankar Nagar in Ganj area. Taking the time to find out the reason for the murder. The murder is done with a sharp weapon. Everything in the house is scattered here and there. Property crime is also expected to happen. – Kartikeyan, Superintendent of Police Betul