Madhya Pradesh: Mobile towers will be installed on the roof and ground of 6000 Govt buildings

Bhopal. The way has been cleared to install six thousand new mobile towers in the state. The state government has amended the Madhya Pradesh Municipal Corporation (Temporary Tower Installation and Infrastructure) Rules 2012 and implemented the new Telecom Policy 2019. Now mobile towers can be installed on the roof and land of government buildings. For this, the collector will allow, not the municipal commissioner. The Urban Development Department has implemented the amendments related to the rules from 14 November. Government hospitals, schools and sports grounds have been kept away from the new policy. At present, towers can be placed on private land or roof.
The policy, which was made on 23 February, now comes into force with amendments
The state government had implemented Policy-2019 on 23 February 2019 for new telecom-internet service, wire line wireless based voice or data access services. The Urban Development Department has issued amendments related to the rules.
15 days notice only
The telecom company will have to give notice 15 days in advance if there is a possibility of security threat or loss of life and property if the mobile tower is installed. After this the collectors will have the rights to remove the tower. After the notice for removal of the tower, a period of 90 days will be fixed.
Bond will decide responsibility
Telecom companies will be directly responsible for any incident from mobile tower. Indemity bond (indemnity bond) will be filled for this. The bond will be between the telecom company and the urban body. According to Bond, it will be the responsibility of the telecom company to pay any damages from the tower accident. It is clear that if there is an incident, the government or the collector will have no responsibility.
Towers will be available here
Government land of any department, public sector undertaking, development authority, municipal corporation, municipality and on the roofs of the commission.
    For this, the approval of the collector, consent of the institute, safety certificate of the consultant will be required.
20% fee on grooming
According to the new policy, the rate will be fixed on the collector guideline for the tower.
    20 percent of the value of the guideline of the land will have to be deposited in the concerned area.
    Right now the fees in the old rules range from 25 thousand to 1 lakh rupees.