Bhind of MP; SBI allots same number to 2 customers; first customer deposits and second costumer gets amount thinks “Modi Ji” is sending money

Alampur / Bhind: A wonderful case has come up in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh. Although, this matter is from a long time ago, but now after the information of the case came out, it remains in the discussion. Here the Alampur branch of State Bank of India (SBI) committed a major negligence. The bank gave the same account number to two different customers. The customer number is also in the passbook given by the bank. As a result, one customer kept depositing money in the account and the other customer (whose number was the same) kept withdrawing it. (Modi ji is sending- Video below)
This lasted for six months, but not twice. The result was that the other account holder withdrew 89 thousand rupees of the depositing customer. When this was learned, the victim spoke to the bank manager, where the bank management was left shocked after the matter came to light.
Hukum Singh Kushwaha son Harvilas Kushwaha, who lives in Rurai village of Alampuru, works in Haryana. Hukum Singh’s account is in the SBI branch of Alampur. The passbook was issued to him by the bank on 12 November 2018. His customer number is 88613177424 and savings account number is 20313782314.
After opening the account, Spades moved to Haryana. They kept depositing money in their account from there. When Spades came back from Haryana and reached the bank to withdraw money from his account on October 16, there was only 35 thousand rupees in it. It was told that 89 thousand rupees were withdrawn from the account on different dates from 7 December 2018 to 7 May 2019. Spades complained to manager Rajesh Sonkar.
Bean number issued to another
After investigation, it was found that the customer number and account number issued to the bank from Hukum Singh was also issued to Hukum Singh Baghel son Ramdayal Baghel, a resident of Roni village. Baghel was given a passbook by the bank on 23 May 2016. The reality of issuing the same account number to two customers came to the fore with the bank management. Where Baghel was called by management. He was given in writing that in 6 months he has withdrawn the amount of 89 thousand, he will return it to Kushwaha in 3 installments.
When Jagdish Chandra Bose had made a joke to himself, know what was the matter
When Jagdish Chandra Bose had made a joke to himself, know what was the matter
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Baghel had linked the Aadhaar number to his account. He withdrew the money from the kiosk center. Baghel would make a thumb impression and go out at the kiosk center itself.
Thought Modi ji is sending
In a conversation with a reporter of a news channel, Hukum Singh Baghel, a resident of Roni village, said, ‘I had an account, money came in, I was thinking Modi ji is giving money, so I withdrew. We had no money, we were helpless. We have got work done at home and hence we had to withdraw money. At the same time, he has directly blamed the bank for this.