Bushra Khan wins gold for Madhya Pradesh during Nationaol Junior Athletics meet, also broke previous record

Bhopal, November 22, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): In the 35th National Junior Athletics Championship at Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, Sehore’s Bushra Khan on Wednesday completed the 2000 meters in just 6 minutes 24 seconds. Bushra Khan broke the five-year-old record by doing so. He won the gold medal for the stat Amrita of Uttar Pradesh had this record in the year 2017. Amrita completed the race in 6 minutes 25 seconds. But Bushra has completed the race in less than Amrita.
Bushra, a class student of Hor, is a Class 10 student. Bushra started athletics training at Sehore itself. The bronze medal was won in the 600 meter race in 2017 in Visakhapatnam. Subsequently, in 2018, Bushra in Tirupati won the silver medal in the 1000 meters race.
Bushra is the daughter of Ghaffar Khan Gauri, a resident of Pachama, a small village about 5 km from Sehore. Even after the financial condition of the family was not good, there was a desire to do something in Bushra since childhood. Bushra worked hard in athletics. Bushra was first trained by coach Dushyant.
School salute
The city’s sports lovers rejoice at Bushra’s achievement. He was honored upon arrival to the city. The parade saluted Bushra with the school students guests. Bushra was also gifted the Activa by the Oxford School director. On this occasion, the guest said that the event should be such that the players can get help.
Bushra made its way through the river like a swift current
As the chief guest, ADM Sri Sri Chaturvedi said that this achievement is also for Bushra’s parents. Ed. SP Mr. Yadav said that Bushra has made his name meaningful. Bushra, like a river, has made its way to success by itself. DEO Mr. Bisen said that this honor is of Bushra’s talent and you guys should also learn and move forward like this. School director Mr. Kurien gifted the Activa 5G to Bushra in the presence of the guests.

Assurance given for financial help
Bushra is the daughter of a poor family. It is also important to pay attention to expensive shoes and adequate diet to move forward. Due to poor financial condition of the family, now ADM, Ed. Other guests including SP and members of Rotary Club assured financial support. So that Bushra can complete further preparations. Because of winning every competition, people started to know Bushra in the district by the name of Udanpari. Bushra’s father is a laborer in Ghaffar Khan Mill, father of 3 daughters. Despite this, he has collected all the resources for his daughter Bushra which are necessary for a sportsman.
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