Youth tried to jump into tiger enclave at Indore zoo, says he wanted to feed himself to big cat

Indore/Bhopal, November 22, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): . There was a stir in Indore zoo on Friday afternoon when a man tried to jump into a tiger enclosure. Seeing him climb the wall, the staff immediately ran and caught him and lowered him down. The place where he was about to jump, the tiger was sitting in the enclosure below. The young man told that he was troubled by the tightness and also had that debt. Asked about jumping in the fence that he is an animal lover, I would have been happy to have fed any animal on my death. Ju management handed him over to the police.
Ju in-charge Uttam Yadav said that the jumper in the enclosure has called his name Vijay Jha resident Pardeshipura. At around 12.45 pm, the employees saw a person climbing on the net in the enclosure. The staff made a noise, asking him to come down, but he started moving up. After this, the staff ran and climbed on the fence and took it down hard. The place where he was hanging from the net, the tiger was sitting below. Police is interrogating him.
Gonna die for the country
Vijay said that everyone is asking me whether you are unemployed, I say I want to die for the country, now what to say. In 2016 my salary was 6 thousand rupees. After this I opened a small shop during Simhastha and used to sell biscuits, water pouches. After this GST came into force, water plastic pouches were closed. Plastic glasses closed. After this, we became completely unemployed. After this, I could not fulfill the wishes of the child and wife. I could not do what they want to live. I could not discharge my responsibility. I got an employment registration in 1984, but did not get a job. I searched for many jobs but could not find one. Was dying due to unemployment and debt. I am an animal lover, I would be happy if an animal filled my death.

Even before the young man has jumped into the fence
In 2015, a young man named Rahul entered the lion’s enclosure while avoiding the guard. He jumped three feet high railing and reached the buffer zone. Which is about 8 feet deep from the ground. He was drunk and was screaming that he was fed up with life, let him die. Seeing the young man in the enclosure, the Zoo management immediately took him out of the enclosure and handed it over to the police. When the young man entered the enclosure, the lions were resting on the other side of the fence.