5-time daily namaz offerer Farukh giving discources of Geeta and Ramayan for 35 years

Bhopal, November 23, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Rajgarh Farooq Ramayani, living in Narsinghgarh tehsil of the district, has been doing musical Ram Katha for the last 35 years. So far he has done Ram Katha in more than 300 places in different parts of the country. Namaji Farukh of the five times says that Rama lives in Rome. They do Ramakatha not to earn money but to add people.
Farooq Khan, born in a Muslim family, became Farooq Ramayani of some such Ramay in Ramayana. Ram has been doing fiction for the last 35 years. That too in such a way that the crowd of thousands comes to hear. Reciting Ramayana for hours every day. The Vedas speak fluently on all texts, including the Gita, but never miss their five-time namaz. However, not everyone was able to read a Muslim’s Ramayana text. Some people also protested. But Farukh Ramayani, while teaching his karma above the community, continued to teach religion to the common people. As a result of this, till now he has been called for Ram Katha in more than twenty states of the country and today more than 30 Brahmins are his disciples.
Born to Ahmed Khan in Guniyari, a small village in Narsinghgarh district of Madhya Pradesh, Farrukh Khan was only six years old when his inclination towards religious texts like Ramayana and Geeta increased. He sat for hours in the Ram Kathaas taking place in the village. Seeing the honor of Acharya Shri Ram Sharma ‘Acharya’, the founder member of Gayatri Peeth, at a program of Gayatri family, decided to become something like this in life.
This is where his journey started which continues till now. From the age of 24, Farrukh Khan was recognized throughout the village due to his deep study of Ramkatha religious texts, but in 1984, for the first time, he got the opportunity to do Ram Katha on the public stage. He was only 24 years old during his first Ram Katha at Pachour in Rajgarh district, but his Ram Katha was highly appreciated by all. After this, Farooq Ramayani got a lot of praise by doing Ram Katha on several big and big forums one after the other.
Guru gave the title of ‘Ramayani’ in 1994, about 10 years after the first Ramakhaya, his Guru Pt. Lakshminarayan Sharma gave him the title of ‘Ramayani’ in view of the knowledge of Farrukh Khan’s Dharma Granth and he replaced Farooq Khan with Farukh Ramayani. Started being called.