Indore Development Authority’s decision to sell auditorium vehemently opposed

Bhopal, November 23, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Indore Developmeny Authority’s decision to sell auditorium is vehenmently opposed by cross sections of Indore people including minister and member of Parliament. IDA has spent Rs 11.50 crore on the auditorium. MP and former IDA president Shankar Lalwani has termed the decision unfair. At the same time, Sports Minister Jeetu Patwari said that the auditorium cannot be sold. Talking to the Chief Minister will get the IDA Board’s decision amended.
Instead of selling the auditorium, it will be built and made as a better option for the people and artists of the western region. This auditorium was built by IDA in 2009. Regional Councilor Balram Verma said that we will strongly oppose this decision. Will try our best not to sell it. IDA will sell it to a private person for profit. If the said person invests money in it, then he will also recover his arbitrary amount. This will exploit the artists.
IDA should not be professional in all cases: MP
The MP said that the decision to build the auditorium was taken so that the artists could get a stage in the western region for performing arts. IDA should not be professional in all cases. IDA has public money. IDA can also do some work for the public. It would have been better handed over to the government institution.
It is not in the rule to make an auditorium to any organization: CEO
IDA CEO Vivek Shrotriya says IDA fundamentals have only two functions. Selling a plot or property and building master plan roads. There are two rules for selling property. First- fix the rate of a property and sell it through lottery. Second, it should be auctioned after the lowest rate. It is not in the rule to prepare an auditorium and give it to any institution.