Madhya Pradesh: Cheap sanitary pad’ unit installed to promote cleanliness

Bhopal, November 23, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): In Khor village, 15 km from the Neemuch district headquarters in Madhya Pradesh, Bhupendra Khoiwal set up a manufacturing unit to educate the women of his village about menstrual hygiene and provide cheap sanitary pads.
Khoiwal said that ‘his family supported the idea and provided financial support to set up a production unit. He named it after his daughter Aishwarya. ”He said that Aishwarya Enterprises started six months ago with an investment of Rs 3.5 lakh.
He said, although it was difficult to persuade the women to work together, I was able to convince them and now 15 women are working with me. He told that ‘These pads are economical and a pack of eight pads costs Rs 20, whereas a pack of pads like ours costs Rs 40 in the market’.
Khoiwal said that our team is doing house-to-door pads in the surrounding villages as well as making people aware on this issue. Bharti Nagpal, one of the 15 women, stated that ‘We educate women about the benefits of sanitary pads and caution them about the health hazards of using clothes during menstruation.’
A colleague told that Bhupendra supplied 50,000 pads to a vendor in Bhopal and now he is planning to expand his work. Bhavna Mittal, Chief Executive Officer of Neemuch District Panchayat has assured her support for this initiative.