Madhya Pradesh’s first non-Congress CM Kailash Joshi of BJP is no more

Bhopal, November 24, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Kailash Joshi, who became the first non-Congress Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, died at the age of 91. He breathed his last in a private hospital in Bhopal at 11.24 am on Sunday. He was ill for almost three years.
Kailash Joshi was born on 14 July 1929 in Hatpipalya tehsil of Dewas district. Became a member of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh since its founding in 1951 and was a minister of the Jana Sangh in Dewas district from 1954 to 1960. In 1955 he became the President of Hatpipalya Municipality. Won 7 consecutive assembly elections from 1962 from Bagli seat. After the formation of BJP in 1980, it became its state president and remained in the post till 1984.
The Congress had to be defeated badly in the elections held in 1960 after the Emergency was removed from the country. Morarji Desai became the first non-Congress Prime Minister of the country. He had dismissed all the Congress governments of the country. Assembly elections were also held in Madhya Pradesh. After the merger of several opposition parties, the Janata Party government was formed in the state. The Janata Party won 231 seats in 320 seats. Of these 231 seats, the Jan Sangh faction had 129 seats. Samajwadi had won 80 seats in second place. Unanimously, Kailash Joshi was made the Chief Minister. Prior to this, Joshi was the Leader of the Opposition from 1972 to 1977.
The BJP got a majority in the elections held in 190. Kailash Joshi was angered when Sunderlal Patwa was made the chief minister. Joshi refused to join Patwa’s cabinet. After about six months, he was celebrated and made the Minister of Power. The BJP government was dismissed in December 1992 after the Ayodhya scandal.
In 1949, there was a Congress government in the state and Digvijay Singh was the Chief Minister. In the elections held during this time, BJP fielded Kailash Joshi to surround Congress and Digvijay Singh in his stronghold. From here, Congress candidate Digvijay Singh’s brother Laxman Singh was a Congress candidate. Kailash Joshi lost this election by more than 56 thousand votes. However, Digvijay Singh had to struggle a lot to win his brother. The BJP sent Kailash Joshi to the Rajya Sabha. In 2002, when Uma Bharti refused to become BJP’s state president, Kailash Joshi was made the president of Madhya Pradesh BJP to save the BJP from infighting.
In 2008, Kailash Joshi contested and won the Lok Sabha elections from Bhopal and this victory was retained till 2014. In 2014, Joshi invited Advani to contest from Bhopal. As soon as the poster of Advani was installed in Bhopal, the BJP’s politics warmed up. The matter was so great that Advani was given a ticket from Gandhinagar (Gujarat), but did not field Joshi from Bhopal. However, the BJP made his point, making Alok Sanjar, a friend of his son Deepak Joshi, a BJP candidate, who won with good votes.
People gave a gift to the car
Kailash Joshi had such simplicity that he did not even have a car. On 17 May 1981, Kailash Joshi became MLA from Bagali for the fifth consecutive time. For this, activists organized a program honoring Kailash Joshi. Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Vijaya Raje Scindia also attended the event. The activists raised money from the fund and handed over the key of the ambassador car purchased to Joshi.